NES and SNES Mini

Are you still in the market for a NES Mini? The miniature throwback has become incredibly hard to find, unlike its SNES counterpart, but Nintendo has just put up a tidy little deal on its official store. Right now (if you're quick) you can head over to the Nintendo UK store and pick up the NES Mini and the SNES Mini for only £129.99. The deal even includes a handy Nintendo USB Power Adapter for good measure. Not bad for less than £130. Considering how difficult is to get hold of a NES Mini at the moment, this is one of your only options.

So if you want to play Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Street Fighter and many more on two tiny but might consoles, then this is the deal for you. You can access the deal below:

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Have you ordered this little bundle already? Or do you already have a NES Mini in your life? Maybe you don't really care - whatever your stance, leave us a comment below...