Rocket League continues to be one of the most popular titles on the Switch eShop, and it's about to get even popular as the much-anticipated new update is rolled out across all versions of the game. The new version 1.42 adds in the DC Super Heroes DLC, which includes:


  • ‘'89 Batmobile’
  • ‘The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler’
  • Rocket Boost
  • ‘Speed Force’


  • ‘Aquaman’ (Breakout)
  • ‘Batman’ (Paladin)
  • ‘Cyborg’ (Roadhog)
  • ‘Flash’ (Venom)
  • ‘Green Arrow’ (Hotshot)
  • ‘Green Lantern’ (Merc)
  • ‘Superman’ (Octane)
  • ‘Wonder Woman’ (X-Devil)

Player Banners

  • ‘Aquaman’
  • ‘Batman’
  • ‘DC’
  • ‘Cyborg’
  • ‘Flash’
  • ‘Green Arrow’
  • ‘Green Lantern’
  • ‘Superman’
  • ‘Wonder Woman’


  • ‘Flash’
  • ‘Wonder Woman'

Along with all these Justice League-themed vehicular add-ons, Psyonix has made a few tweaks, changes and bug fixes, including:

Map Rotation

  • Replaced ‘Snowy’ map variants with ‘Stormy’ versions
  • Mannfield (Stormy), Beckwith Park (Stormy), DFH (Stormy)
  • Spectator Mode
  • Spectators can now chat during matches
  • Competitive Season 6 Rewards
  • The appearance of the 'Season 6 - Diamond' Reward Wheels has been updated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing players from being able to change Presets in the Endgame screen between matches
  • Division/Rank Up/Down animations now successfully display on the Endgame screen

Are you still a Rocket League-er? Have you been working on your boost flips and over-the-top set-pieces? Comment below and share in the RL love...