Considering he spends most of his time leaping off skyscrapers, beating Bowser up for the umpteenth time and collecting his 999th Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey, you wouldn't be the first person to forget Mario still has a day job. Yes, he's still a plumber. It's now official again, with Nintendo updating his bio on the official Japanese Nintendo site to include his OG occupation. The updated line, translated from Japanese, reads:

"His occupation is plumber. However, his activity is not confined to that area."

So when he's filling out forms, Mario puts down 'plumber' instead of 'man who collects balloons and possess frogs on the moon'. To be fair, one of those options would probably fit in the box a lot easier than the other.

So Mario is still a plumber, it's canon now. Share your official thoughts below and plumb the depths of the comments section below...