Back in 2012, Klei Entertainment's Mark Of The Ninja - with its side-scrolling, stealth-orientated action - was a huge hit back when it debuted on Microsoft's once great Xbox Live Arcade. Almost six years on, that same critically-acclaimed indie is headed to Nintendo Switch as Mark Of The Ninja Remastered.

It'll 'mark' the first time the game has appeared on a platform other than Windows and Xbox - as well as its first time going portable - so we're already hugely excited to add this stealth classic to the Nindies lineup. There's no word yet on how exactly the game will be 'remastered' but expect it to be just as brutally addictive as the original when it arrives in the autumn of 2018.

What do you make of Mark Of The Ninja Remastered? Did you play the original? Share your thoughts below...