Super Mario Galaxy touched down on the Nvidia Shield in China recently as part of a deal which will see other Wii classics come to the set-top box in that region.

As we all know, Galaxy made good use of the Wii's motion-sensing controller to deliver fun gesture-based gameplay - something that is impossible on Nvidia's hardware as it lacks a motion-controlled interface.

While it might seem like the game suffers, many of Galaxy's motion controls can be mapped to a button without impacting the gameplay all that much. In the Shield version, the X button makes Mario spin and the crosshair is now controlled by the right control stick. The other change is that the Right Trigger is now used to choose a galaxy, rather than the A button on the Wii version.

While motion controls felt great at the time, realistically there aren't many games which cannot be altered quite simply to use "traditional" button commands. Let us know if you've been able to play this Shield edition of the game by posting a comment below.

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