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Activision has officially confirmed that this year's Call of Duty outing will be the fourth entry in the popular Black Ops sub-series. Black Ops 4 (or, as Activision would have us say, "IIII") arrives in October, but the publisher has only confirmed the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions so far.

We know what you're thinking - where's this Switch version I keep hearing about?

Call of Duty's WWII entry was subject to some pretty intense rumours last year, with many believing that a Switch version was on the cards. That didn't happen, but the rumour-train stops for no man, and we're already seeing some "CoD on Switch" suggestions:

The success of Switch clearly hasn't gone unnoticed by Activision - during yesterday's Nintendo Direct it was confirmed that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is coming to Nintendo's console - and we'd imagine that the publisher will bring CoD over sooner rather than later. 

Kotaku asked Activision about it, but the company declined to comment.

Do you think we'll see Black Ops 4, or an entirely different entry? Or is this all just wishful thinking? Let some shots fly in the comments section below.