Board games have been back in vogue for a while now, and most licenses worth their salt have their own dice-rolling, turn-taking equivalent the in the tabletop scene, but not Fire Emblem Heroes. It's proved a super hit on mobile, but with no board game equivalent on offer, one talented fan has filled the gap in the market with their own faithful yet unofficial offering.

Designed to be as fast and deep as the game that inspired it, the new game - designed by one Brother Ming - starts with ten cards dealt to each player. Each one plays their chosen heroes at the same time, and you move around the board until you defeat another hero and eventually score 20 points. Most games are meant to last around 15 minutes, making it brief yet exciting.

The talented designer has also made the game available for download, so you too can have a quick game of Fire Emblem Heroes (even if it's not officially endorsed by Nintendo). You can also buy a physical version, too!

Let us know what you make of it below, and if you've played it already, what do you make of it?