Wales Interactive has announced a collaboration with Brainseed Factory to bring the award-winning puzzle platformer Typoman, previously released on Wii U, to Nintendo Switch on 22nd February 2018.

With an overly artistic and creative approach to puzzle action, Typoman uses the power of letters and words to apply all sorts of mechanics and physics to the beautifully bleak world you are in. Pushing stray letters towards others to form words will make those letters take on the properties of what was spelled; creating the word 'heavy' will make those letters heavier than usual, for example.

David Banner, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Wales Interactive had this to say about the Nintendo Switch port of the game:

"We’ve been following Typoman for quite some time, ever since Brainseed Factory and Wales
Interactive featured together on the Nintendo stand at Gamescom 2015. We admired the creativity and
originality that the game possesses and we’re thrilled to now be publishing the game on Switch.
Originally released on Wii U, we can’t wait to bring Typoman to the new generation of Nintendo
console this February.”

If you're interested in grabbing this game for your Switch, you'll be very pleased to know that it is now available to pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop in Europe and North America at a 20% discount, reducing the launch price of £9.99 / $12.99 to a very enticing £7.99 / $10.39.

Did you play Typoman when it first launched on Wii U, or are you perhaps interested to see what all the fuss is about for the first time on Switch? Feel free to spell out your thoughts in the comments.