Speedrunning can be a thing of pure beauty; by studying every last detail of a game, and performing incredibly precise actions that seem almost impossible to us mere mortals, players can make even the hardest of games look like a walk in the park as they clear them in a matter of minutes.

One such player, SethBling, has taken on Super Mario World, clearing the game in under one minute and simultaneously blowing our tiny minds. This particular run uses a rather different method to complete the game, however, relying on something called 'arbitrary code execution' which allows you to change certain values within the game's memory. You can check it out for yourself in the video above.

As he explains in the video, Seth plugs in multiple controllers that each have various buttons pressed down. These inputs change memory bytes within the game, essentially meaning that when he performs a certain action, such as squashing specific enemies or flinging a red shell in the air from a specific pixel, the game runs completely different code commands. Therefore, if he manages to perform every action with perfection, the game starts to run the credits before you can even say 'Yoshi'.

If you're interested in trying this out for yourself, SethBling has created this document with specific setup and action instructions. Make sure to let us know if you manage it!

Until then, what are your thoughts on this speedrun achievement? Leave us a comment below.

[source kotaku.com]