We all know local multiplayer is one of Nintendo Switch's most attractive features - especially while we wait until September for the Online Service to finally go live - so imagine our surprise/excitement when we got wind a firm in Japan is manufacturing a cabinet that houses two Switches and their Joy-Cons and creates the ultimate arcade multiplayer experience at home!

Due out in Japan in May, this 'Face-to-face type Arcade Stand' would fit perfectly on a table or on the floor if you're willing to crouch down for your couchplay fun. It's got plenty of ventilation so your two Switch units don't overheat and will have a suggested retail price of 8,300 yen (tax-excluded price) 8,964 yen (tax included price) - so that's somewhere between £55.62 and £60.


Let us know what you make of this 'fighting base' from Japan and whether you think it's a cool idea or a little pointless. Imagine the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on this thing. Drop up us a comment or two...