UK publisher Merge Games has revealed that it is bringing Angry Mob Games' Brawlout to physical retail.

The fighting title has been compared to Smash Bros. and has already amassed quite a following via its recent eShop release.

Merge Games’ Managing Director, Luke Keighran, had this to say about the news:

We are delighted to have teamed-up with Angry Mob Games. Brawlout is an awesome title and partnering with Angry Mob Games has been a great experience. We believe Brawlout on the Switch will be warmly welcomed by retailers and fans alike.

Angry Mob Games’ CEO, Bogdan Iliesiu, added:

Brawlout had such an amazing reception on Nintendo Switch, with a dedicated community of over 80K players in its first month alone. It's impressive, and humbling, to see people throw themselves so wholeheartedly into Brawlout and we hope to cater to even more types of gamers with the physical release!

We quite liked Brawlout when we reviewed the eShop edition not so long ago, giving it 7/10 and saying:

Some performance hiccups prevent Brawlout from being truly wonderful, but for an on-the-go, cheaper alternative to a game that hasn’t even been announced for the console yet, this isn't a bad choice – just make sure to keep the issues we mentioned in mind.

The physical release will hit stores shelves in May. Will you be buying this one, or did you opt for the digital download?