If you've read our review for Dragon Quest Builders, you'll know how much we enjoyed the smooth and rewarding port that hit Nintendo Switch earlier this month. However, all that slime-bashing and town-building has made us hungry for more, so the latest insights into the sequel have us chomping at the bit.

In the latest issue of Famitsu (as translated and reported by Gematsu), producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto and director Kazuya Niinou discussed plenty of subjects centered around Dragon Quest Builders 2, including all those fan requests for a proper multiplayer mode. While the two developers did state that, “being able to play with others,” is something they're looking into, it's a little too early to reveal whether it will include a much-wanted four-player co-op mode.

They did, however, confirm that you'll be able to build three times as high as the limit in the original, and that they're planning to include a save transfer system that will enable you to import your profile from the first game direct into the sequel. And yes, that will include Nintendo Switch as well.

However, the game's development is currently going through a, “a series of trial and error,” stages, and that, “updating the game engine is causing the game design to take more time.” So it's coming, it's just going to take a little while to get it just right. Considering how great the first game was, we're happy to wait.

What do you make of these little tidbits on DQB2? Did you enjoy the first game? Let us know below, in the usual fashion...