Mario had a film before, and it wasn't exactly stellar, and so when the news was confirmed this morning that Nintendo is partnering up with the studio responsible for such products as Minions and The Secret Life Of Pets, it was hard for me to contain my scepticism and frustration.

I can't personally see how a film featuring Mario as the focus could ever be a critical success, Mario's just too straight-laced and one dimensional as a character. That's fine for a game or even a five-minute short, but that kind of personality cannot easily carry a full, feature-length production.

I'm open to being proved wrong and would welcome such a result with open arms, but I really can't see it happening. In an effort to improve my mood I reached out to fellow YouTube-type I Hate Everything to see if we could chat our way out of this mess and just see if there's any part of this that could potentially lead to a great movie. You can hear the whole thing by watching the video above.

What's your hot take on this series of shenanigans, do you think it could somehow work? Let us know in the comments below.

Massive thanks to Alex of I Hate Everything fame, make sure you check out his superb videos on his channel by clicking here.