Image: jowhee13

With no announcements or mumblings of a new Super Smash Bros. game coming to the Switch just yet, fans of the series may well be starting to desperately crave something new. While this isn't the game you've likely been dreaming about for months, this fan-made board game adaptation is certainly a fun twist on our favourite brawler.

Created by jowhee13, this board game takes everything we know and love about the series including its characters, items, fighting action, and stages, and changes up the formula just enough to work as a tabletop experience. You can check out some details about how it all works, as well as several photographs of the game, below.

In SSBM: Tabletop, the goal is to deal as much damage as possible in a game! All cards have 4 "phases".
1. The quickest Fighters SMASH first.
2. The slowest/strongest Fighters first get to activate BLOCK abilities and pick the item of that round.
3. Then the characters move from the main stage to the Player stages and ALL characters on your stage can SHOOT.
4. Players still standing on your stage by the end of the Fight get to activate their FINAL smash.

Image: jowhee13
Image: jowhee13
Image: jowhee13

If you're interested, you can check out some more images of the game here

Do you like the look of this different take on Super Smash Bros.? Would you like to see more official Nintendo board game releases? Let us know your thoughts below.