If you're a bit of a smartphone gamer, you will have likely heard of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf by developer Forge Reply, which has been a popular game pushing the boundaries of what is possible on those platforms. The game features a unique blend of non-linear storytelling and RPG combat and is coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 16th February with a special introductory offer, which will be revealed at 5pm GMT today in the eShop.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is based on the “choose your own adventure” gamebooks of the '80s, written by worldwide famous author (you guessed it) Joe Dever. The author was involved personally in the development, writing the story and driving the work of the whole development team at Forge Reply with his inspiring passion.

Lone Wolf, the last of the order of the Kai Lords, must face yet another threat posed by the dreaded Darklords. No-one has heard from the border village of Rockstarn in weeks, and Lone Wolf travels to the very frontier of the Kingdom of Sommerlund to find out what happened. He will find challenges and adventures awaiting for him, as well as memorable characters and meaningful choices to make as the story progresses. Epic battles will take place at the wild frontier, deep down in ancient ruins and even across the border, trespassing into the terrible Darklands.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf presents the player with an enhanced gamebook that includes classic RPG elements, such as an interactive world map, quests and merchants, from which you can acquire and upgrade powerful battle gear. When the moment for action comes, battles are played in dynamic turns, with abilities that range from melee to ranged, to the mighty magical attacks of the Sommerswerd, the legendary Sword of the Sun.

It certainly looks like this will be one to watch out for when it arrives on the Switch eShop next week. Watch the trailer above and let us know if you plan to pick this up with a comment below.