Super Famicom cult classic Majyuuou - and possibly the finest Altered Beast clone you will ever get the chance to play - is getting a reprint this coming April, thanks to Columbus Circle. 

This 1995 KSS-developed horror platformer gathered quite a following thanks to its incredible pixel art, tight gameplay with some unique twists and tragic, dark plot. The price point of ¥6,998 is also far more sensible than the amount of coins a complete in-the-box original run version will cost you.

We rather liked Majyuuou when we reviewed it back in 2016. We can think of no better game to go along with the shiny new Analogue Super NT. The road to hell might paved with good intentions... but also great reprints it would seem. 

Are you a fan of this gritty game? Is it a deadly sin to want it for your Super Famicom collection, or should we stick to original prints? Terror awaits you in the comments below.