Back in 1988, Nintendo was approached by a large Japanese manufacturer called "Amada" with a proposal for creating three anime episodes of famous Japanese tales featuring Mario characters.

One of these stories was based off of the tale "Momotaro", meaning "Peach Boy". On a floating island somewhere in space, two Hammer Bros named Ojīsan and Obāsan, live in happiness with their daughter Princess Peach. Rumors about Peach's beauty eventually makes Its way to the demon, King Koopa, which had been stealing very valuable treasures from all surrounding islands. Koopa arrives with his Koopalings in search of the princess. Once she is found, Koopa immediately falls in love and decides to make her his bride. He eventually flies away with her to lock her up until she agrees with his demands.

The two elderly Hammer Bros beg for them not to take their daughter. Years had passed with the Hammer Bros still clinging tight to the memory of Princess Peach. All of the sudden, a Peach falls from the sky, splitting open to reveal a small boy with a mustache. The elderly couple raise the boy, and name him Mario. Mario is told the story Princess Peach, and immediately wants to go searching for her. Mario is then handed a gun, similar in shape to the SNES Super Scope, and marches off. On the way, Mario helps a few enemies such as Spike and a Para-beetle. These enemies have also had their land invaded by Koopa, and decide to join them in their quest. A while later, they break into Koopa's castle on Ogre Island, and fight him. He gives in, and releases Princess Peach. Mario then flies away with Peach and all of the lost treasures.

These VHS tapes are quite rare, and expensive. Thankfully Super Mario Momotaro has been restored and preserved, and you can watch it above.