The world may have lost its mind about seeing Mario's nipples in Super Mario Odyssey, but it turns out that Nintendo's mascot has shown off a lot more in the past.

Kotaku has unearthed a Japanese manga from the late '80s in which Mario shows off his Crown Jewels. Japanese publisher Kodansha was the company responsible, and it worked alongside Nintendo to create a series of comics based on games in the Super Mario series.


In the Super Mario Land issue, Mario runs into trouble when a Fish Bone jumps out of the water and bites him. The pain is so much that Mario literally jumps out of his overalls, an act which leaves his meat and two veg on display for the whole of Sarasaland to see. Who knew Mario was going commando under his iconic dungarees, right?


The original uncensored version can be seen below. If you are offended by crude drawings of genitalia then don't look, your eyes may explode.


We highly doubt that Nintendo would ever allow something like this to happen in an officially licensed product these days, and we're pretty sure that's a good thing.

[source gonintendo.com, via kotaku.com]