Late last year, Square Enix released a demo for an upcoming traditional JRPG called Project Octopath Traveler, and it was met with plenty of positive reception. The full release is being worked on by the team behind the Bravely Default games, and much of that quality seems to be showing through in this new project, with some even suspecting that this will eventually be revealed to be Bravely Third. Now that the demo has been out for a while, Square has put out a video detailing the progress made since.

To start, it’s revealed that the demo crossed one million downloads worldwide, with over 45,000 responses to the survey. From this data, a variety of improvements have been made to enhance the game’s convenience and playability, and the developers detail all of the changes in the video above, with some new footage to accompany. It's nice to see how they've responded to criticism; it'll likely transition into an even higher quality final release.

What do you think? Did you like the demo? Do you think this will turn out to be a Bravely game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.