Tiny Metal developer Area 35 has detailed the first major update for the game, Patch 1.0.10.

This patch comes with a wide range of fixes, changes and new content. The most noticeable update is that the opening cinematic has been replaced by a more traditional loading screen. Balancing changes have been made to many units, and all units can now be healed in friendly structures - before it was limited just to infantry units. 

A selection of new skirmish maps - including "Split Fire," "Sea of Trees," and "Abandoned Park" - have been introduced as well, and the Metalpedia has been updated with new lore. These alterations are paving the way for the much-hyped multiplayer patch, which will launch soon.

Here's are the patch notes which relate to the Switch version:

-. Add three new skirmish maps “Split Fire”, “Sea of Trees”, and “Abandoned Park”
-. Add loading screen in replacement of open cutscene video
-. Expand Hero Units Metalpedia entry

- Increase text size for event dialogs
- Add 0.1 second wait between Hero selection and landing selection to prevent mis-presses
- Add canceling of fast forward during cutscene dialogs
- Add two extra zoom levels in field mode
- Allow player cursor to enter unseen terrain
- Make player cursor hover on top of tiles and not fixed to the floor
- Make attack previews for indirect units show the unmoved attack range
- Make camera panning track focusing on indirect unit’s targets
- Make saving settings perform an immediate save to disk
- Move cutscene dialog buttons to non-moving position at bottom of screen
- Reduce default unit voice play chance to 50% from 100%
- Increase contrast of hp % number on per unit hp bar

- Make all land-based units healable at Cities, HQs, and Factories
- Increase difficulty of M13 & M14 on both normal and New Game +
- Reduce flanking vulnerability of Fighter units to 15% for attacks from behind
- Increase terrain sighting range by +1 for Riflemen, Lancer, SpecOps, Sniper, and Scout 
- Increase terrain sighting range by +1 for all buildings that can be captured
- Increase attack power of Riflemen and SpecOps against Sniper units
- Increase attack power of Lancers against Heavy Metals
- Decrease difficulty of Mt. Forest in Skirmish Mode

- Fix victory not being given to player on three or more team maps under rare conditions
- Fix cursor realignment upon new player turn when auto-move to next action is disabled
- Fix optional mission 3 (MX03) not revealing during New Game+ mode
- Fix some UI text not being translated

Area 35 Director Hiroaki Yura had this to say about the update:

When we first set out to create TINY METAL over a year ago, we were just a small group of experienced Japanese game developers with dreams of playing another Advance Wars-type strategy game. And now that TINY METAL has been released, we're dedicated to making it the best experience possible with Patch 1.0.10, and look forward to implementing your continued feedback as we march towards our multiplayer update.

Full patch notes can be found here. Let us know your thoughts on this update by posting a comment below.