What better way to kick off a brand new year than a heartwarming story about one gamer and their journey from lost Nintendo Switch to heartfelt reunion? A story involving the positive power of Reddit no less? Maybe we ate a little too much cheese on New Year's Eve...

The story first popped up on Reddit last week when user Itcybun posted that a friend of their's had found a Switch and wanted to know what to do next. Itchybun then reached out to Nintendo to help track down its owner, wisely holding off handing it into lost property. "I decided against bringing it to the lost and found office because the owner might not return to the location soon enough, and the console would then be auctioned off or something," they wrote on Thursday.


In the meantime, another user just happened to be looking for their own lost Switch.

Turns out these two Reddit users were talking about the very same console. An hour and 15 minutes after the original post, a separate thread from user Pizzaboxmonster sent out an SOS in the Nintendo Switch sub-Reddit saying they'd lost their Switch on a bus at Frankfurt International Airport. "I’ve seen several posts about people losing their Switch so I thought I’d give it a try," they wrote on the same day. "I know this has 0,000001% possibility to work, but here I go: Today, 27/12, in the bus from Terminal 2 to the Ryanair flight to Madrid. It’s in a black case, has two game cartridges in the card slots from the case and many eShop games. Last one played is Floor Kids."

Pizzaboxmaster was already on their way back to Spain when they realised the Switch wasn't with them, and knew that the chances of regaining said portable pal were slim to none. Thankfully, someone saw the two stories matched up and linked the two users up. A few security checks later and said console was winging its way back to its owner. Pizzaboxmonster was, understandably, ecstatic: "Today I love this community even more and especially that great user and person who decided that finding the owner would be more fun than just keeping it," they gushed in an update. 

See, 2018 has already started strong with Switch firmly in hand. Have you guys ever lost a recovered a handheld console? The relief must be incredible...