Netflix Switch

Update: Netflix have now deleted the original tweet which offers a glimmer of hope for folks who wish to watch Adam Sandler movies on their Switch. Here's the latest tweet:

Our new talented editor Dom Reseigh-Lincoln recently penned a feature about the killer apps which we'd love to see on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Of course Netflix featured prominently on this list, it's kind of a no-brainer really isn't it? If you had a choice between watching a show on your smartphone or the lovely 6.2-inch screen on Switch to while away the time on a long train journey, which would you choose?

Unfortunately, Netflix has now shattered these dreams. Despite the ever-growing install base of the Nintendo Switch, they currently do not intend to bring the Netflix app to the portable powerhouse:

Well at least you can still watch Netflix on Wii U. Way to go guys!