Hamster is bringing SNK's 1994 title Samurai Shodown II to the Switch eShop. If the first game was revolutionary this first sequel somehow managed to surpass expectations thanks to gameplay refinements such as the very welcomed inclusion of rolling and ducking which enable you to safely dodge incoming projectile attacks. You may even have the honour of being challenged to fight against the game's iconic umpire, Kuroko!

The old roster has been expanded with four new comers joining up with all the original cast: no-nonsense Genjuro Kibagami would become a recurring character in the series; Tam Tam got replaced with the cute catgirl Cham Cham and her monkey sidekick Pako Pako; Neinhalt Sieger (which translates from German as "non stop winner") is spreading peace and love by punching people with a giant steam-powered iron fist and finally there's the hilarious Nicotine Caffeine, who was named after those same nasty habits sported by game director Yasushi Adachi.

You can add some over the top "Engrish" to round up the whole package. While still on the subject of translations, the original Japanese name for the game is Shin Samurai Supirittsu: Haōmaru Jigokuhen which translates as "True Samurai Spirits: Haohmaru Hell Change" which we still believe around the NL office is a reference to Haohmaru's very bad hair day displayed in the game's cover.

There is no other way around this: Samurai Shodown II remains the finest game in whole series. Any fond memories of this one back in the day? Will you be slashing you way to the eShop on February first? Fight fair in the comments below.

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