PM Studios has revealed a brand new trailer for their rhythm action game MUSYNX, specifically focusing on the Nintendo Switch version coming later this year.

The game will feature more than 50 songs to choose from across a variety of genres including pop, classical, trance, rock, and more. MUSYNX was originally a mobile game, just like fellow Switch title VOEZ was before it, so a similar style of gameplay can be expected this time around. More information regarding DLC is expected to be announced soon, too.

Some extra details about the game have also been shared in the game's press release.

Key Features 
▪ Switch up the Music! – Rock out to over 50 tracks on Nintendo Switch, featuring genres like pop, rock, trance, R&B, classical, and more!
▪ Test Your Rhythm! – Simple yet challenging gameplay will put your rhythm to the ultimate test!
▪ Become the Melody Maestro! – Each button press plays part of the song – tapping to the rhythm is the key to a complete musical experience!
▪ How Do You Like Your Music? – Easy, Hard, and even “Inferno” – you have full control over how you want to play!
▪ Pump Up the Artwork! – Each track has a unique artistic presentation to get you amped up along with the music!

MUSYNX is set to release in North America both digitally, and physically, this spring; European release information is still yet to be fully revealed. Are you up for another round of rhythm action on your Switch? Let us know if you're looking forward to this one in the comments below.