Love him, or hate him, Wedbush Securities research analyst Michael Pachter sometimes makes some quite interesting predictions when it comes to Nintendo, and this blast from the past really makes us chuckle.

Back in 2012 on a episode of Bonus Round, everyone's favourite analyst inadvertently predicted that Nintendo fans would go crazy for Nintendo Labo.

First he said Nintendo fans weren't that stupid:

I don’t think Nintendo fans are so stupid they would buy a piece of cardboard.

But then, when explaining his position, he went on to say:

A box on the other hand, that says Nintendo on it, they probably would. Remember when you were a kid and you get gifts, and when you’re really little you like the box better than the gift? That’s how I think of Nintendo fanboys.

Quite a damning view of "Nintendo fanboys" from our old chum Pachter there, but it is amusing that he even thought of the idea of Nintendo selling cardboard in the first place.

Of course, Labo is so much more than just cardboard; it's got the engineering precision of an IKEA chest of drawers - and lest we forget both sets come with innovative games to play, too.

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