We're no stranger to video game inspired novelty beers, but this cheeky tipple from Atlanta based Second Self Beer Company really caught our eye. The Triforce IPA certainly doesn't hold back in showing off its inspiration.

Here's the description for this slightly hazy IPA:

A newly imagined IPA from our team. Brewed to embody the sacred relic’s three pieces: POWERCOURAGE, and WISDOM. Triforce is a slightly HAZY IPA brewed with the triforce of malts (oats, wheat and barley) and hops (Mosaic, Amarillo, and Cascade). These combine to create a unique IPA that has the HOPPY aroma and flavor of papaya, mango, and other tropical fruits; with a soft, flavorful mouthfeel to balance this truly inspired beer.

Suggested pairings for the beer include tacos, barbecue, fresh vegetables, ceviche, fromage blanc, and magical potions.

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild being the first game in the series to include a ERSB rating noting 'use of alcohol', perhaps it is high time to have an official Zelda beer? Until then, please drink responsibly.