Image: tofugu

There are plenty of Nintendo-related shops and locations that both local and foreign fans always make a beeline for when in Japan, but there's one that's become so legendary it's gained the title of the 'Mecca of Nintendo Fans'. Why? Because it's members-only establishment whose location has remained a secret to famous artists, musicians and Nintendo employees. Well. until now that is...

Club '84' (known locally as hashi), was recently 'discovered' by a group of writers from, who took some never-before-seen photos from within the watering hole and spoke with its mysterious manager. Rather than stumbling on it like something out of Harry Potter, the group were invited by one of its members, who introduced them to owner Hashimoto (known to its patrons as Chōkan (translates as 'chef').

Art from Nintendo greats adorn the walls, including work of Shigeru Miyamoto himself.
Image: tofugu

The bar used to serve food, but now it just focuses its attention on drinks and a relaxed atmosphere. It's had some memorable regular patrons over the years, too - many of whom have drawn illustrations that hang throughout the establishment. Eagle-eyed members will spot the work of Yuji Horii (creator of Dragon Quest), Rockman (or Mega Man as he's known in the west) designer Keiji Inafune and even Shigeru Miyamoto himself. Even the member cards are shaped like Famicom cartridges.

Sadly, the feature kept the secret location of 84 to itself, but if you happen to know a member there's a chance you might be invited to become an associate member yourself - you might even rub shoulders with some Nintendo royalty! What do you guys make of this little find? Let us know in the comments section below...