We quite enjoyed Shiftlings when it popped up on the Wii U eShop back in 2015. For those who missed it, it's been announced today that an enhanced version of the quirky puzzler will wobble onto the Switch eShop on the 1st of February in Europe and North America.

Set in an intergalactic reality show, Shiftlings is a puzzle platformer about a pair of space custodians who travel the cosmos completing complex challenges. Shiftlings' special twist is that these two oddballs are linked by a single air hose, allowing them to pass gas back and forth between their space suits in an instant. This feature lets one character expand massively in size and weight, reducing mobility but providing clever ways to solve objectives and reach new terrain.
Here are some of the special features for the Nintendo Switch version:

  • Smooth 60 fps with high-quality animations and beautifully designed 3D environments
  • Improved level design, player progression and overall pacing.
  • Enhanced single player experience.
  • Supports all of the Nintendo Switch’s special play modes and brings enhanced user experience options like character outlines, HD rumble, and helper icons.
  • Redesigned Hola Cola Pickups.

As with the original Shiftlings game, the space platform-puzzler features couch co-op as well as a single player mode. Players can enjoy the conjoined physics-based platformer puzzles through 55 levels, spread across 5 stunning worlds.
The enhanced Nintendo Switch version boasts smooth 60FPS gameplay. The updated level layout and design improve the player progression and overall pacing of the game. New help features and all the play modes are available on the Switch version, offering enhanced single and cooperative experiences compared to the original. 
Natascha Röösli, Assistant Producer at Rock Pocket Games, excitedly said:

We are VERY excited to bring Shiftlings to the Nintendo Switch. It’s the perfect game for the console. It’s made specifically for couch co-op but it also has to offer challenges for the hardcore gamer who wants to tackle the game by her/his own.

Never one to be left out, Aaron Dintino, Lead Designer at Rock Pocket Games, added:

The on-demand co-op, colorful aesthetics and accessible-yet-challenging gameplay makes this the perfect game for Nintendo's newest console. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that Shiftlings was destined for the Nintendo Switch before the console was even announced.

Do you plan to pick this one up next week?