The rumours are true! The critically acclaimed, cult-enshrined action-RPG Dark Souls is coming to Nintendo Switch. Revealed in today's Nintendo Direct Mini, Dark Souls: Remastered brings the FromSoftware classic to Nintendo hardware for the first time ever.

The game will be remastered in its entirety for Switch, with all the routes, shortcuts, bosses and ambushes of the original preserved for on the go self-torture/perpetual joy. With its mixture of precise melee mechanics, merciless difficulty curve and deep yet subtle lore, Dark Souls: Remastered will be unlike anything else on Switch.

Dark Souls' unique multiplayer component will also make its debut on Switch, with the announcement promising  "up to six players on dedicated servers." Will you help your fellow warriors in a tough boss battle or invade and betray?

In terms of visual performance, 1080p, 30fps is promised when playing in TV mode. 720p will naturally be the order of the day when playing handheld - let's hope the infamous Blightown doesn't cause the Switch too many problems when playing portable.

It's flippin' Dark Souls on Switch, people! Let us know what you think in the comments below...