Flyhigh Works has announced that it will be publishing OPUS: Rocket of Whispers on Nintendo Switch.

Rocket of Whispers is the second instalment of the OPUS series, following the footsteps of OPUS: The Day We Found Earth - a game that we really enjoyed in our recent review. This new title takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, telling the story of John, the son of a rocket engineer, and Fei, a witch who awoke from twenty years of cryogenic sleep.

Throughout the game, players will explore and scavenge the snowy wasteland of OPUS through a top-down perspective, overcoming the treacherous weather and terrain. As they gather materials for the rocket, the story behind the demise of their world will slowly unfold through the ruins and artefacts they find.

As mentioned in the announcement tweet, we can expect more details on this release soon. Until then, though, why not check out the launch trailer above and let us know your initial thoughts in the comments? The music alone has us excited already!