With NBA 2K18 now patched into fine form, it's finally time for Switch's other basketball experience to get its due with a nice new update. So now we have NBA Playgrounds Enhanced Edition, which bundles together all the game's free post-launch content, adds in 100 new players and a brand new three-point shooting mode.

The addition of all those new NBA stars (including legends such as Tim Duncan, Julius Erving, Steve Nash and Manu Ginobili) and a new mode should help make NBA Playgrounds seem like a more attractive package, but it's the mechanical improvements we're interested in. Developer Saber Interactive has confirmed the game's previously exploitable rebound system has been revamped, although we hope the game's repetitive card packs - something that stuck out in our original review - have been sorted as well. 

There's good news if you've already purchased NBA Playgrounds in its original form, with Saber Interactive confirming you can now access the Enhanced Edition for free. However, this new edition is a separate game, so you'll need to download the new one and delete the old version to access it. All your saves will be automatically converted, so make sure you don't wipe those in the process. If you're heading onto the court for the first time, grab your shorts quick because it's currently 50% on the Switch eShop at £8.99/$8.99 for a limited time.