With the incredible success of the NES and SNES Mini consoles over the last year or so, offering a modern and easy way to play classic games from those historic systems, many are now wondering whether or not we'll be seeing more consoles receive the same treatment. Potentially pipping Nintendo to the post, however, peripheral developer Hyperkin is planning to release its own remake of the Game Boy.

Currently called the 'Ultra Game Boy', this remake is hoping to improve upon the original console without affecting the gameplay that many of us so fondly remember. With a body made from aluminium the system should be plenty durable, as well as reportedly having a satisfying weight to it as you pick it up. It will also feature a dial which allows you to adjust a new backlit LCD display; this can also be turned off if you'd prefer to enter full-nostalgia mode, however.


In addition to this new dial, the Ultra Game Boy will include a built-in six-hour battery, a USB-C port for charging, a pair of stereo speakers, and even left and right audio-out connections for a much more impressive sound experience. 

Unlike Nintendo's recent classic console offerings, the Ultra Game Boy will not be pre-loaded with a set amount of games; instead of this approach, the system will actually support real, original Game Boy games. Of course, if you're the proud owner of numerous games for the original system, this could well be a great way to play all of your favourite titles. If you don't, though, you'll probably be looking at a very expensive eBay adventure if you want to play through the system's greats.

Hyperkin plans to release the Ultra Game Boy this summer with a price tag of under $100. Are you interested? Let us know if you want one in the comments below.

[source gizmodo.com]