Hot on the heels of Switch, Nintendo has just announced its latest innovation: Nintendo Labo. To cut a long story short, it's a set of cardboard kits that turn your Switch into, well, anything.

In the first pack alone, you can create a set of motorcycle handles, a fishing rod, and even a piano out of cardboard, then feel like you're using a cardboard version of the real thing! That's just a few examples of what's in store.

Now, you've probably got a ton of questions. What's Nintendo Labo? How is Nintendo Labo? WHY is Nintendo Labo? All fair. Fear not though, as we've answered almost everything you could possibly ask below.

What Is Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo Labo
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Labo is a set of cardboard kits that turn your Switch into a variety of different objects. These are called Toy-Con, and the sky's the limit in terms of potential objects you can turn your Switch into.

Effectively, this is Nintendo's solution to AR and VR. You've got the physical – the motorcycle handles, piano keys, and fishing rod made out of cardboard – and the digital – Switch's screen – combined into a single package.

In practice, the screen will display a road to drive down, the notes you're playing on the piano, and the waters you're fishing in. Literally whatever is required to bring your Toy-Con to life.

You're probably already doing it, but just imagine the endless possibilities.

How Does Nintendo Labo Work?

Nintendo Labo
Image: Nintendo

Once you've purchased and received your Nintendo Labo, you first have to assemble each Toy-Con. Assembly instructions will display on the Switch screen in 3D once you've popped the included software into the console, and you can follow step-by-step interactive instructions to create these devices. Steps can be rewound or fast-forwarded at your leisure.

As soon as it's assembled, you can play a variety of minigames with each Toy-Con by attaching your Joy-Cons and opening the supporting software. The 'Play' section kicks off with basic games, but the 'Discover' portion takes you deeper into these experiences. In short, there's plenty of gameplay on offer after you've made each Toy-Con.

Have Any Toy-Con Been Announced Yet?

Yes! Nintendo has already revealed the following Toy-Con:

Toy-Con RC Car

Slot your Joy-Cons into this cardboard car and you can use the touchscreen to move it around your house. The RC Car uses the HD Rumble feature in each Joy-Con to move.

Nintendo Labo
Image: Nintendo

Toy-Con Fishing Rod

This includes a cardboard Fishing Rod, reel, string, and cradle to reproduce the fishing experience in your home. You'll cast your rod into digital waters to catch a variety of exotic fish, and then actually reel them in.

Nintendo Labo
Image: Nintendo

Toy-Con House

The Toy-Con House is effectively a dolls house made out of cardboard. Slot your Switch into the opening and you can interact with cute creature inside. You also get a bunch of different blocks that you can slot on the side to feed, play games with, and generally interact with your new pet.

Nintendo Labo
Image: Nintendo

Toy-Con Motorbike

The Motorbike includes a set of handles, ignition and throttle so acts exactly like the real thing. You use motion controls to turn and genuinely have to lean if you want to make it around sharp corners.

Nintendo Labo
Image: Nintendo

Toy-Con Piano

The Toy-Con Piano is a cardboard piano complete with 13 keys. Each key is attached to a reflective strip that the IR sensor in the right Joy-Con uses to sense the key you've pressed. This, in turn, creates music on Switch' display. You can also assemble a variety of knobs that create a variety of different sound effects and tones.

Nintendo Labo
Image: Nintendo

Toy-Con Robot

The Toy-Con Robot effectively turns you into Godzilla. It's a wearable robot suit complete with backpack and visor that you play in tandem with a variety of different minigames while Switch is docked to the TV.

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit
Image: Nintendo

Can I Purchase Toy-Con Individually?

Sadly not. All of the Toy-Con announced so far are included in the first pack, which will launch on 20th April in North America and 27th April in Europe.

The only exception is the Toy-Con Robot, which is sold separately.

So Nintendo Labo Is Sold In Packs?

Yes, though Nintendo is referring to them as kits. The Variety Kit includes the RC Car, Fishing Rod, House, Motorbike and Piano, while the Robot Kit includes just the Robot.

Nintendo Labo Verity Pack
Image: Nintendo

What's Actually In Each Kit?

The Variety Kit includes:

  • Nintendo Switch game card containing software for use with Variety Kit
  • Cardboard sheet x28 (includes an extra sheet for customisation)
  • Reflective sheet x3
  • Sponge sheet x3
  • String (orange) x1
  • String (blue) x1
  • Eyelet set (grey) x1
  • Eyelet set (blue) x4
  • Rubber band (large) x2 + spares
  • Rubber band (small) x6 + spares

While the Robot Kit includes:

  • Nintendo Switch game card containing software for use with Robot Kit
  • Cardboard sheet x19 (includes an extra sheet for customisation)
  • Cardstock sheet x4
  • Reflective sheet x1
  • String (orange) x2
  • String (blue) x2
  • Fabric strap (grey) 1x large, 1x medium, 2x small
  • Eyelet set (grey) x10
  • Eyelet set (orange) x2

How Much Does Nintendo Labo Cost?

The Variety Kit costs $69.99 / £59.99 while the Robot Kit is $79.99 / £69.99.

Do I Have To Purchase Any Software Separately?

No, all required software is included with the kit.

When Is Nintendo Labo Out?

Nintendo Labo will launch on 20th April in North America and 27th April in Europe.

How Do I Get Nintendo Labo?

You can purchase Nintendo Labo directly from the Nintendo Store online, or at participating retailers. Nintendo hasn't released details yet, but you can pre-order from Amazon today and perhaps in the future toy shops too.

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Will Nintendo Release More Toy-Con?

Almost certainly, though no further Nintendo Labo have been announced at this time. The video (shown at the top of the page) features several Labo which are not included in the two confirmed kits, so we expect a full range to appear soon.

Do I Have To Assemble The Toy-Con?

You do, but Nintendo is making it incredibly easy for you. While assembly time ranges from 15 minutes to a couple of hours, the software included in each pack walks you through creating each Toy-Con step by step. You don't need to provide anything yourself either – so leave the scissors, tape, and glue in the drawer.

Can I Create My Own Toy-Con?

Sure, though unless you're a software developing wizard there won't be much you can do with them. It's possible that Nintendo will open up Labo in the future, though.

Can I Customise My Toy-Con?

Absolutely – and Nintendo is actively encouraging this. Everything required to set up each individual Toy-Con is included in the packs, but you can purchase a Customisation Set that includes a variety of stickers, tape, and stencils to give it a unique look. Of course, you can also provide your own stuff and even paint them. Go crazy.


What If I Break My Toy-Con?

We're not sure at this moment in time. Because it's cardboard, each Toy-Con should be relatively easy to fix using tape or glue. Nintendo will hopefully sell parts separately or announce a replacement service. We'll keep you posted.

How Can I Find Out More About Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo has set up a helpful new section on the official site that includes a bunch more information, videos, and screenshots of this exciting new product. There's even a new official YouTube channel dedicated to it.