You've got to give developers Arc System Works and TOYBOX Inc some props because not many studios would attempt to gamify the entire process of evolution, but that's exactly what they've done with the Switch-bound Birthdays The Beginning.

Set to arrive in Japan in March, the Yasuhiro Wada led project combines the world building principles of Minecraft and adds in the ability to grow and nurture a cuboid garden as it goes from simple plankton to dinosaurs and even humans. It's Civilization meets Viva Piñata and it's proved a real hit on PC and PS4 so we're excited to see it hit Switch.

No words on an western version yet, but it has been localised on other platforms so we imagine we should be seeing it on North American and European eShops after it arrives in Japan on 29th March. What do you guys make of this Spore-esque offering? Life simulation on the go? We're certainly intrigued...