It's hardly going to rock your world to learn we're quite the fans of all things Hyrulian here at Nintendo Life, so when we got word of a super-rad smartphone case with a serious case of the Zeldas you can imagine our barely contained excitement.

Okay, so technically it's only available in Japan at the moment (come on, all the best things usually are), but that doesn't stop this officially-licensed accessory from looking pretty amazing. With its embossed Zelda 'Z' and Divine Beast logos, we're loving the distinctive Breath Of The Wild motifs.


It's due out in April, and can be pre-ordered from the Japanese end of the Official Nintendo Store for 2,980 Yen (that's about Β£19.50/$26). No news on a western release just yet, but we imagine dedicated Zelda aficionados will find a way to add it to their personal shrine. Does this officially-licensed bit of gear float your boat? Worth an import? Comment, we dare you...