Today's Nintendo Direct Mini has provided a bunch of new release dates for imminent Switch titles, one of which was for Zoink Games' upcoming title, Fe.

Fe is a platform adventure where the story is up to you to discover as you play. At the heart of the game is a tactile song mechanic that allows you to communicate with each living thing in the dark Nordic forest you inhabit. You can have the birds guide you, the bears fight for you, or even have plants grow berries to help you overcome the Silent Ones.

It has also been revealed that the Switch version of the game will see some extra features thanks to unique properties of the hardware. Players will be able to use motion controls with the Joy-Con controllers as well as feel the distinct sounds and vibrations of each song in the game with HD Rumble.

Have you been looking forward to this one? Let us know if you plan on grabbing a copy yourself in the comments below.