With all of the hype surrounding Super Mario Odyssey over the last few months, you'd be forgiven for getting so caught up in the wonder of our favourite plumber's 3D adventures that his 2D outings may have been pushed to the back of your mind. For some very dedicated fans, however, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Containing a mixture of original and ported graphics and sounds, this project is essentially a patch for the original ROM that was created using the 'NSMBe' (an editor that allows users to build their own levels). This fan-made game features 80 'new' levels spread across eight worlds, new and updated game mechanics, and a brand new soundtrack. You can check out the trailer below.

Despite the game obviously being based on New Super Mario Bros. for DS, this patch cannot be played on Nintendo's hardware; it has instead been released as a free download for PC and Mac. The team behind the game also created a 'Newer' version of New Super Mario Bros. Wii several years ago which features a higher number of levels and can even be played in multiplayer like the original.

Do you have a craving for some 2D Mario action, or are you wanting a break after grabbing all of those Power Moons?

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