Snail Games has announced that its upcoming open-world sandbox survival game PixARK will be heading to Nintendo Switch in 2018.

The game is inspired by the world of Ark: Survival Evolved, an action-adventure survival title that was released on various non-Nintendo platforms in August of last year. Peter Kang, director of live operations and business development at Snail Games, has said that the game has "taken the action and excitement that older players know and love in ARK to a new direction in order to introduce that world to an entirely different audience."

Here are some facts and features from the game's press release for your perusal:

- Single player and online multiplayer
- The ability to collect and craft items and build bases
- Over 100 dinosaurs and other creatures to tame, train and ride
- Character progression and customisation
- Procedurally generated worlds, with no two worlds ever being the same
- Creative Mode which allows players to construct whatever they can imagine
- More than eight unique biomes to explore, including deserts, jungles, caves and more
- Procedurally generated quest system to keep players actively engaged in their worlds

PixARK is scheduled to enter Early Access on Steam and Xbox Games Preview in late March, with digital and physical releases for other platforms, including Nintendo Switch, coming 'later in 2018'. Does this look like something you might keep your eye on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.