Flyhigh Works has announced that it will be bringing Ambition of the Slimes to the Switch eShop later this month.

This quirky RPG gives the genre's weakest enemy - the slime, as seen in games like Dragon Quest - the chance to be the hero. In this new adventure, this lowly character has the chance to set the record straight by "claiming" enemies and taking over their bodies.

Ambition of the Slimes was previously available on 3DS; we awarded 8/10 it and said:

All in all, Ambition of the Slimes is a lovable little game. It takes a classic concept — the grid-based strategy-RPG — and infuses it with a fun new conceit, by placing characters in the role of the lowly Slimes that would be experience-point fodder in any other RPG. Even better, it runs with that idea to deliver fun twists on the gameplay — like the 'Claim' command that lets you take over your enemies — that make the most of the theme. Add in a fun old-school presentation and a heap of personality, and Slimes is an easy recommendation for SRPG fans looking for quick, quirky fun.

If you're keen, then the game hits Switch on 18th January, priced at $5USD / €5.