Stingbot Games has revealed that its forthcoming Steam Early Access title, The Forbidden Arts, will arrive on Nintendo Switch in "early 2019".

Players take control of a character called Phoenix, taking on quests, solving puzzles, and discovering long-forgotten secrets whilst battling enemies in a grand adventure of ancient magic. Phoenix has the power of an "inner flame", allowing him to discover new ways to take down enemies and bosses. You can watch a trailer for the title below.

With a focus on discovery and exploration, The Forbidden Arts is said to be full of action, suspense, comedy, and unexpected twists and turns. The games takes place in a magical realm combining eastern and western culture, brought to life by a colourful art style and acoustic guitar soundtrack.

It may still be a long way away from seeing a release on Switch, but will you be keeping an eye out for more news on this one? Let us know in the comments.