If you are the proud owner of one of 8Bitdo's SN30/SF30 Pro Controllers, you may be pleased to know that the peripheral maker has released a firmware update to address a known bug and to add extra features.

The firmware has been updated to Version 1.23 and can be downloaded directly from 8Bitdo's support page. You can check out the full details of this new patch below.

Firmware v1.23

- Enhanced vibration optimisation on Xinput mode. 
- Added USB connection to Mac mode. 
- Fixed the bug that the controller would not turn on occasionally. 

- Press and hold L+R and then plug in USB cable to update the controller if it does not power on.

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about with 8Bitdo's controller range, feel free to check out our review of their latest offerings. Whilst they can't match all of the features present in the Switch's official Pro Controller, their usability with other devices such as Android, Mac, Windows, and Steam make them a very handy gadget to have around.

Have you been using these controllers recently? Let us know how you're finding them with a comment.

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