Will you be downloading?

Yooka-Laylee will cost £34.99 (likely converting to $39.99USD / €39.99) when it launches on the eShop next week.

That's in-line with the Steam and Xbox One versions of the game, but is above what physical copies are changing hands for in stores and online. The price of the digital version on PS4 is also lower at £15.99 as part of a current promotion, which is far more in line with the value given to retail copies. 

No North American price is available at the time of writing.

There was some hope that with the game coming so long after its initial release on PS4, Xbox One and Steam, publisher Team17 would opt for a lower price point on Switch - especially as no physical release appears to be forthcoming at present.

Still, it's not totally out of line with other ports - DOOM on Switch costs £50 in the UK despite now being cheaper on other systems. In that respect, £35 should perhaps be seen as a very reasonable "mid-range" price when compared to other big-name Switch releases.

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