We're not sure what's been going on with WWE 2K18 on Switch, with the publisher saying little of note as the weeks drifted by with no release. Pre-orders got pushed back, videos of the game appeared and then disappeared just as quickly, making it seem like the exact opposite of 'launching a video game 101'.

Still, the wait is nearly over, with a tweet confirming the news that the roll-out starts on 6th December.

Taking a look at the full news page there's a lot of the same information given before - it looks like a fully featured iteration, and there are multiple incentives and DLC options. Retail pre-orders are still promised the "Kurt Angle pack" as a bonus, but if you gave up your pre-order long ago you can in theory pick up the eShop version and get that pack for free up to 13th December. If you download it you'll need plenty of space, however...

A microSD card (sold separately) with free storage space of minimum 32GB is required to download this game, plus 1GB on the system memory. You must have your microSD card inserted before beginning the download.

We're a little baffled by the 'starts on 6th December' language - this should be fine if you're in North America, with regional versions of the official website leading to the same post with US prices. Hopefully all major territories will get the game on the same date; at the time of writing the eShop and Nintendo's game pages are yet to be updated.

It's nearly here, then, will you be buying it?

[source wwe.2k.com]