A whole 30 years after its initial release, the humble Mega Drive/Sega Genesis is getting a new game. That's right, in 2018, British indie studio Bitmap Bureau will be bringing, Xeno Crisis, an arena-style shooter with procedural generated maps and rooms, to Sega's old school hardware. 

Backers will be able to chose either simply the ROM file that runs on all competent emulators or a complete in-the-box physical cartridge edition (both western or Japanese versions). An actual cartridge that works on any variant from the Mega Drive family (both European, US and Japanese models). Not only that, you'll also get the soundtrack (composed by indie chiptune artist Savage Regime) by October 2018 (assuming the project's Kickstarter completes successfully).


Features include:

  • Intense arena-based combat where the player must constantly be on their toes, prioritising which enemies to engage next, and ensuring they don't run out of ammo.
  • Procedurally generated maps and rooms, so you never know what's coming up, and you have to adapt your tactics on a room-by-room basis.
  • Five diverse areas to explore, each with their own obstacles and hazards, and secrets, including The Outpost and The Nest.
  • Upgrade system which allows you to adapt the game to your style of play - are you a cautious player or more gung-ho?
  • An arsenal of nine different weapons to switch things up and turn the tables in your favour.
  • Five intimidating bosses, each of which will demand you to learn a different strategy to defeat them.
  • Two modes of play; once you've completed the Arcade mode you can try your hand at the Infinite mode, where even veteran players will find a challenge.
  • Two difficulty levels; 'Rookie' and 'Hardcorps'. Playing on Rookie will mean easier progress, but you won't be able to see the "good" ending!

Among the team is veteran pixel artist Henk Nieborg who previously worked on Lionheart, Adventures Of Lomax, Contra 4 and Shantae among others. That means the nostalgic '90's 16-bit sprite and tile work is already in place.


Looks like a serious upcoming treat for any Blast Processing fans out there.Will you back this one?
Tell us in the comments what are some your favorite arena shooters of hardware generations past.


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