For a good while now Nintendo UK has been running a social media campaign encouraging gamers to share their #ZeldaMoments from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's now released a rather charming video in which some of those with the best submissions were seemingly given a nice t-shirt and a chance to talk about their experiences.

We certainly know of all sorts of gamers - with varying degrees of experience and different approaches - that have loved Breath of the Wild. The video does a pretty good job of reflecting that reality.

Share some of your favourite Zelda Moments in the comments below. 

In this writer's case there was the frantic 'review playthrough' in the race to the credits ahead of an embargo. Approaching Goron City for the first time I missed the 'proper' route with elixirs etc, and instead went on a high stakes dash across hot territory, racing to get there before Link finally succumbed to the heat. Dashing from spa to spa, dodging falling rocks, I ended up gliding down into the town, nearly dead, desperate to find the right building. It turned out I swung right into the clothing store, and the Goron actually had a shocked look and said "how did you here?!". The fact my brother was watching and helping as I took this unconventional route made it even more memorable.