"What do you mean I have to move back to console development?!"

Hironobu Sakaguchi is something of a legend in Japanese video game circles. He created Final Fantasy - arguably one of the most popular franchises to emerge from the Land of the Rising Sun - and has also been involved with classics such as Super Mario RPG, Xenogears, Blue Dragon and The Last Story.

Sakaguchi's Mistwalker studio is currently working on smartphones via his Terra Battle series, but has expressed an interest in moving back to consoles at some point, perhaps even with the third Terra Battle title.

Speaking to Forbes, Sakaguchi said:

...I do want to develop games on console again at some point. We're even working on Terra Battle 3 right now and maybe console will be the right fit for that. Just because we are developing heavily on mobile right now doesn't mean we have completely left console behind. After all, the Nintendo Switch is a very good piece of hardware.

The success of the Switch - and the unique possibilities it offers - is attracting a lot of developer support, so it's hardly surprising that Sakaguchi is interested. Still, getting a developer of his talent on board would be amazing; let's hope this is more than just a platitude and the man behind Final Fantasy really is going to bring something to Switch.

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