Ho ho ho!

So, Christmas is over for yet another year. Presents have been opened, food has been consumed in vast quantities and much fun has been had by (hopefully) all.

This is the first Christmas that Switch has been available, and we assume that it will have contributed to many a household's latest festive memories, but what about all those big holiday milestones from your gaming past? 

We popped the question to the Twitterverse and had some impressive replies:


Our friends over at iRetrogamer always do a good line in Christmas videos, and this year's is no exception:

Hopefully all of that has gotten you in a suitable nostalgic mood, so what are you biggest and best gaming-related Christmas memories? Are you old enough to have received a NES or Game Boy from Santa, or was the SNES your first console? Perhaps the N64 era was your time, or the GameCube period? Maybe you're a young whippersnapper and can count the DS or Wii as your first Christmas consoles?

Whichever system you got, we'd like to know - so why not post your memories below?