Having already slashed up a storm on other platforms, the Fallen Legion series is finally making a beeline for Nintendo Switch - and its arriving in 2018. The new Rise To Glory collection will unite Fallen Legion: Sins Of An Empire and Fallen: Legion: Flames Of Rebellion (which were previously released on PS4 and PS Vita respectively) for the very first time, as well as packing in new routes and extra content to make the fresh collection all the more appetising to new and old fans alike.

The Fallen Legion games tell the story of a war for the land of Fenumia, with each game following the same conflict from the perspective of each side (in this case it's Princess Cecille's story in Sins Of An Empire and the man leading the coup against her, Legatus Laendur in Flames Of Rebellion). It's a neat little concept, with control of your 2D squad locked to the face buttons. Add in the ability to choose the path of each game's story via decision-based cards and you've got one fast-paced tactical RPG on Switch.

What do you make of YummyYummyTummy Inc's (yes, that's really the developer's name) new collection? 2018 is shaping up nicely already...