Who knew The Game Awards would drop so much Nintendo love, eh? Not only are we getting Bayonetta 3 - a Switch exclusive, we might add - but the first two entries in the PlatinumGames series are getting the handheld treatment, too.

Better yet, Nintendo even showcased a glitzy new Special Edition that's bound to make any witch in training run to their nearest retailer. The Special Edition will include (drum roll, please): a download code for Bayonetta, a physical case and Switch game card for Bayonetta 2, a steelbook with artwork from both games, three sheets of stickers and 22 highly collectible Verse Cards.


Holy moly that's a lot of bang for your Bayonetta buck. There's also a regular edition that includes a physical copy of Bayonetta 2 and a download code for the first game. Oh, and if you purchase either game from the eShop, you can buy the second at a reduced price. Bargain!

Japan is getting the same bundle, only its one is called the 'Non-Stop Climax Edition'. Nope, you really did just read that.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 will launch on Nintendo Switch on 16 February 2018. Bayonetta 3, unsurprisingly, doesn't have a release date yet. No word on the official price point for the Special Edition just yet, but expect it to be north of £50/$65.

So what do you make of this Special Edition? Will this be your first time unleashing magical mayhem or will you be double dipping in 2018? Comments ahoy!