It’s still quite shocking to think that Link can now ride a bike in a Legend of Zelda game. Just in case you missed the announcement from The Game Awards 2017, the Master Cycle Zero is now available to unlock in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a reward for completing the story segment of the game’s second DLC pack, The Champions’ Ballad. Some say that the bike feels completely out of place in a game of such a series, while others argue that if we’re accustomed to mechanical octopuses roaming the vast lands of Hyrule, then this ancient-looking, motorised unicorn isn’t too far of a stretch.

Regardless, it’s awesomely fun once you get your grubby mitts on it, but it begs the question of what’s left to do in Breath of the Wild with your newly acquired treasure – at least to those who have completed most if not all of the game, which is likely to be the majority. With that in mind, here’s five ways to kill time with your trusty new mount.

1) Battle the final boss

As covered last week, you can use the Master Cycle Zero to tackle the very end of the battle with Calamity Ganon, after he transforms into... SPOILER! As you may know, this final portion of the fight is usually conducted on horseback, so if you need an excuse to replay this ending, now’s the perfect opportunity to do so.


2) Take on overworld beasts

If you’ve already taken down the final boss, or simply feel the need to get combative, challenging overworld bosses while on the Master Cycle Zero is a thrilling experience. This scribe has had a blast doing so, notably when facing Guardian Stalkers and Lynel (Hinox unfortunately can’t really keep up). Disappointingly, the vehicle doesn't work on sand, so playing cat and mouse with a Molduga isn't an option. However, if you want to up the ante with the overworld juggernauts you can use the vehicle with, then try defeating them without once hopping off your ride during each bout.

Just remember though, unlike horses, the Master Cycle Zero does run out of fuel. “Feeding” it materials does restore fuel, but things such as food and other random tidbits only fills its gauge slightly. Instead, if you can spare them, opt for Wood, Guts, Bokoblin Fangs, Lizalfos Talons, Chuchu Jelly, Monster Extract, and Ancient Materials (such as Ancient Springs, Ancient Screws, Ancient Shafts, Ancient Gears, and if you must, Ancient Cores and Giant Ancient Cores). These fill the cycle’s gauge up a helluva lot quicker individually or when mixed (depending on the material), with less quantity needed.


3) Taunt Guardians

This one’s a bit random, but has proven to be entertaining nonetheless. Approach any type of Guardian on the Master Cycle Zero and let it spot you. As it aims at you with its red laser, ride away as quickly as possible, but in a straight line. As you hear the laser being launched, try and dodge the bullet as late as possible, either by veering to the left or right, skidding away, or jumping off it. If you’re quick enough you could even attempt this challenge by riding towards an aiming Decayed Guardian or Guardian Turret (Guardians that are stationary). This is something this writer used to attempt on horseback, but due to the speed and overall nature of the game’s horses it’s nowhere near as fun or exciting (plus, horses can sadly die).

4) Perform stunts

We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you about this one – it’s probably the first thing you did when acquiring the bike – but just in case, the Master Cycle Zero is a great means for performing all sorts of motorised parkour across the varied lands that Hyrule has to offer. You can even use metallic objects to build your own ramps via the Magnesis Rune! Many great feats from players can already be found across the web, from jumps from extreme heights, to bashing Bokoblins with wheelies. Speaking of which, in case you didn’t know, you can tilt the left control stick back to perform a wheelie while moving, hold it left or right while stationary to perform doughnuts, push it forward during a doughnut to wheelspin in more of a frontal angle, and also jump off it using the Y button just like when riding a horse. Not sure if these’ll help, but who knows – they may just aid in making your rad stunts look that much cooler for your YouTube upload.


5) Break records

Okay, so this one’s tedious, but can prove to be somewhat enjoyable with a friend. Locate an area you’d like to use as a race course, and map out its route. Next, do your best to ride that route in as quick a time as possible, manually timing it with a smartphone device’s stopwatch/timer or something of the sort. Yeah we know, it’s not ideal, but competing for the fastest time with friends can prove to yield some incredible feats of control. You could even customise your course with the aforementioned Magnesis Rune, adding ramps, hurdles, jumps, barriers, and general obstacles into the mix!

And that just about does it! Of course, if you've still got things to do in the game, the Master Cycle Zero will no doubt play a great part in getting you from point A to point B effortlessly when fast travelling isn't necessary. Personally speaking, I still have 899 Korok Seeds to find, so maybe this'll motivate me in completing the only task that's stopping my file from reaching that 100% mark.

Have you thought of any other fun ways to utilise the Master Cycle Zero post-game? If so, be sure to let us – and everyone else for that matter – know below!